Sports Massage for Pain Relief

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Expert Sports Massage Therapy by Cara Lucas

A deep tissue sports massage can be very useful for:

Pain Relief – Sore leg muscles after running
Neck Pain – Overdoing it at the gym
Back Pain – a strain after over-reaching in squash!

Cara Lucas gained her Level 3 Sports Massage Therapy qualification via the Movement Therapy Education organisation in 2022.

Cara works at Clinig Corff Ystwyth, located just outside Aberystwyth town centre. 

FAQ Sports Massage

Q: What’s the difference between sports massage and other forms of massage?

A: Sports massage tends to use a deeper pressure during the treatment.  This may cause mild discomfort if your muscles are sore, but the massage shouldn’t be painful.

Q:  What are the benefits of sports massage?

A: The aching feeling we get after exercise (often called DOMS) can be improved by having deep tissue massage soon after your workout.  Many athletes find it helps them recover sooner and allows them to get back to exercise quicker than just waiting things out. 

Q:  Where do I come for my massage?

A: Cara works as part of the Clinig Corff Ystwyth team.  The clinic is situated on Park Avenue in Aberystwyth, Ceredigion.   There is ample parking in the Tesco or Matalan car parks (3h stay), both of which are less than a minute away from the clinic.

Q: How can I book an appointment?

A: Call us on 01970 611190 and arrange your visit with one of our receptionists or you can use the online booking site by clicking the ‘book an appointment’ buttons




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#1 for Sports Massage in Aberystwyth

Our Services

Our team is made up of Lowri Jones and Cara Lucas. Lowri and Cara both have years of experience providing expert massage therapy and have their own specialities.
Lowri’s skill at providing relaxing and reviving Spa style massage is unparalleled, whilst Cara has a keen interest in providing sports massage and is in the process of training with the Movement Therapy Education group to attain her Sports Therapy qualification on top of her existing qualifications.

Sports Massage & Therapy

Ideal for the sporty types, the weekend warriors and those who prefer a deeper tissue massage.
Cara will begin your appointment with a consultation to discover the best course of action for you.

Spa Massage

The type of massage we all love! These 30, 45 or 60 minute sessions are provided by Lowri and will focus on any part of you that is feeling tense and cranky to help you feel like you are floating on air.

Hot Stone Massage

A delightful experience, whereby therapeutic basalt stones are gently heated and used as part of a highly relaxing massage. Bliss!

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